October Flower of the month...The Dahlia

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Are you planning an Autumn wedding? Dahlias could be the perfect floral addition to your big day, with their awesome architectural structure... your only worry would be being upstaged by these incredibly beautiful flowers.

British grown Dahlias are a joyous late summer, early autumn flower. They come in a wide range of sizes from huge dinner plate sized blooms, to small pom pom shaped flowers. You'll find them in all different shapes from stars, round and spiky, to perfect geometric patterns. They also come in a variety of lush colours including pink, coral, peach, orange, white, cream, blush and burgundy.

A little something for history fans... Did you know dahlias are edible and originally came from Mexico, where they are the National Flower? In the eighteenth century they were shipped to Europe and were named after Swedish scientist/ environmentalist Andreas Dahl. They allegedly symbolise "commitment and a bond that lasts forever" making them fittingly perfect for wedding flowers.

At Petal HQ we source our dahlias from a local grower and no two are ever the same. Picking up buckets of dahlias is just like opening a treasure box full of twinkling jewels. We think they are the firework of flowers as they make such a beautiful impact to a floral arrangement or bridal bouquet.

Here are some of our favourite British grown dahlias from this year:

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